About LoveFootball

LoveFootball was formed to support men's mental health and ultimately try and have some impact in reducing the amount of male suicides. We understand that sounds like a huge task but if we can help just one man, then we have succeeded. We firmly believe that engaging in a positive environment, meeting like minded people and being active can have a huge positive impact on your wellbeing.

Football Sessions

We run informal football sessions throughout the North West. What makes us different is we wan't every person to succeed and create an environment where that's possible. We don't care if you've never kicked a ball before, haven't played in 20 years or are as fit as a fiddle. There is something for everyone.

Mental Health Support

There of lots of factors that can impact your mental health and we have great links with local organisations that are there to support you! Have a look at our Support page to find what help is out there or send us a message via our contact page if you want to talk to one of the team.


Keep up to date with what's going on in the world of LoveFootball and Men's Mental Health.

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