Our aim is to create a friendly and positive environment where everyone feels welcome and have a good time on the pitch. We don’t care if you’ve never kicked a ball before, Love Football is about supporting men’s mental health, not about scoring goals. Nevertheless, you don’t have to struggle with your mental health to attend, we see it as a proactive way to look after and maintain your wellbeing via exercising and socialising.

Our players’ welfare really is paramount to us. We offer a peer support service when you can reach out to any member of the team about anything that’s worrying you. We can’t promise that we have a solution to the problem but we can listen, offer advice through our lived experiences and signpost you to local organisations that can support you also.


Despite running several football sessions a week I don’t support any football team. I would much rather watch Formula 1 or take part in a pub quiz.

My favourite thing is Beans on toast. Best meal ever 😋

“It’ll be sound”

Tom’s personal motto


Season ticket holder at Manchester City and Leigh Leopards. Pub quiz lover and football trivia aficionado.

I once booked a flight to go and collect a coat I’d left in a nightclub in Madrid 😜

Films: In Bruges, Men in Black, Castaway, Mrs Doubtfire
TV shows: Line of Duty, Phoenix Nights, The Office, Summer Heights High
Books: The Psychopath Test, Football Cliches, Lost Horizon
Podcast: Football Cliches, Bluemoon Podcast

“Treat others how you’d like to be treated: don’t be a kn*bhead”

Niall’s personal motto




I Love Football (obviously 😉), cricket is my other favourite sport. I support Bury Football Club and follow Lancs cricket. I’m a big fan of live music and get to gigs whenever I can as well as anything Star Wars related.

I can’t pick a favourite food as I like eating anything and everything (hence the belly 😂).

I love my job (teaching and mentoring young people who can’t attend mainstream education). It’s by far the most mentally, physically and emotionally draining work I’ve ever done but by far the most rewarding.

I once played cricket against Jimmy Anderson.
I was briefly on the books at Barrow AFC (a looooong time ago).

“It’s all about working hard for each other and putting the team/others first”

Rick’s personal motto


I was born in New Zealand but my hobby is football.

I like watching Top Gear too.

“Work hard, play hard”

Cameron’s personal motto