LoveFootball C.I.C

LoveFootball is now a community interest company which ultimately means we operate as a non-profit and any money made will be reinvested back into the organisation to benefit the community. Dan and Tom are working on things behind the scenes to develop LoveFootball which includes trying to secure funding to reduce the session cost, expanding into other areas of Greater Manchester, recruiting and developing volunteers and looking into matches and tournaments against other groups with similar values. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let us know.

Group Rules

  1. Treat everyone with respect whilst at a LoveFootball session. This includes other players, staff members or volunteers of LoveFootball, staff members of venues and general public.
  2. Play the game for enjoyment as paramount. We’re not bothered about the score.
  3. Include everyone. In it’s simplest terms, if someone is open, pass them the ball regardless of what you think their ability is.
  4. Be on time- I know life is busy, but if you’re on time the rest of your team can start on time.
  5. If you can’t make it let us know. You can cancel your booking on TeamUp or message Dan or Tom.
  6. Just because we have personal accident insurance doesn’t mean players want to use it! Remember, people have work to go to and bills to pay. LoveFootball is not the place to be throwing reckless challenges about.
  7. Play your own game. We don’t need tactical advice or screaming at to get back. It’s just a laugh.
  8. Try your best and work hard for each other.
  9. If you have any issues during your game speak to Dan or Tom immediately and we will do our best to sort it out.
  10. Be mindful of foul language. We all miss a sitter at times and want utter some form of profanity but just be aware that other groups may be using facilities and peoples children may be watching.

Session Cost

  • The cost for each session is £5
  • You can ‘Bulk Buy’ 10 sessions for £45. These can be used up to 3 months from purchase.
  • This will be a more consistent way for more players to access more sessions adding more flexibility and reducing the cost for regular players.
  • If anyone has any questions about paying or the cost of sessions please contact Dan on 07894503970.

Booking process

  • All bookings have to be made via TeamUp.
  • Registrations open 7 days prior to the session starting.
  • You can register for a session right up until the session starts however if its really helpful if you can register in advance so we can organise teams etc.
  • You can cancel your booking and receive a refund to account credit up to 4 hours prior to the session starting. Any bookings cancelled after that time will not receive a refund, this includes account credits purchased through ‘Bulk Buy’.
  • If you have any problems with booking, using TeamUp or are unsure, Please speak to Dan or Tom at a session or contact Dan on 07894503970.