I think it’s safe to say the pandemic has given me lots of time think, lots of things to think about, and lots of time to reflect.

It really has delivered me to the present and firmly placed me in the here and know. Sounds a bit ethereal doesn’t it?

One part of this deliverance is that it has made me realise what I miss about pre-COVID life, and what I was missing out on. The simple things I took for granted like being able to meet up with family and how I may postpone nipping round or going round to my Dads. It wouldn’t be for any other reasons than I can’t be arsed or it’s raining. Other simple things like going for a drink with the lads on a Sunday afternoon the game (non-alchohlic obviously), the game itself come to think about it, small interactions with friends, meeting up for a brew, being able to smile at a passer by without having them guess if your smiling and guessing if they’re smiling back. The list could go on.

Know one likes reminding that they are mortal.

At points it’s been quite daunting living in a pandemic. Illness and death have been taking the main stories in the news for a year and it can’t help but remind me at points that I am not on this planet for ever. To be blunt I could die tomorrow, today even. I can’t help but feel regret for the gig I didn’t go to, or the friends birthday I missed out on, or the date night Me and Lucy bailed on because we were knackered.

It adds a sense or urgency and perspective.

It also makes it easy to prioritise. It’s confirmed whats important and ultimately what isn’t. The bloke driving too close to my bumper isn’t important. He doesn’t deserve my stress. The person I’ve have never met before, and will never meet again, glaring at me because one of the kids decides to have a thromby in the supermarket. They don’t deserve my concern. The person I have known all my life who isn’t good for me. I don’t owe them my happiness.

So to realise this and not take any action would be a waste, like the Apple falling on Newtons head and him just taking a bite. Like Batman punching in for 9-5.

I’ve made a commitment to myself to seek out opportunities, social and career. It starts now and will continue when the restrictions start to ease.

Join me.



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