Finally! The light at the end of the tunnel!

It’s been nearly 12 months since we first went into national lockdown and it’s been tough. Every one had different things to deal with during the pandemic and still do, it feels like we’re just getting by and holding onto the thought that it’s nearly over.

We managed to get our Prestwich site open in between lockdowns which was brilliant and it was so nice to see new and familiar faces. It was clear that people were relishing getting out getting active as we were over subscribed every week and added an additional session which got off to a great start.

We we’re also able to add 3 new sessions in Bolton, which got off to a great start! We have our open age session which is always popular, Our Vets session which needs a bit of work to drive some more players in (i’m on it), and an open age walking football session. This was new territory for us as the previous walking football sessions we ran had a lower age limit of 50+. It came from a conversation with Directions for Men who run a similar session in Warrington and they spoke that positively about it that we were hooked straight away. After a few sessions it obvious why! The main point is it gives the opportunity for people to play that may not be able to if this session wasn’t there. That in itself is powerful enough.

We weren’t so lucky with our Ramsbottom site. The lettings company went into administration during the first lockdown which hit us hard along with many other community groups, football teams and schools. Financially they owed a lot of money to the groups, teams and schools but it also limited they’re ability to play in the future which is the most disappointing part. We we’re due to start back in Ramsbottom in January but we’re again halted due to another lockdown and everything was set up to return when the restrictions ease at the end of March. However we received the disapointing news that there was another issue with the new bookings company (same directors as the last and there were some discrepancies) and we are left with no Ramsbottom session until at least Septmeber. Is it the ned of the world? No, not by a long shot. Is it really disappointing for us and the 150+ lads who were planning to play every week? Yes, undeniably.

It’s not all Doom and gloom for our Rammy lads as we are working hard to bring another session to the area and hopefully will be able to announce another addition in Bury this Friday!

With Ramsbottom not opening for at least 5 months it’s a great opportunity to reach other borough of Great Manchester. We are still in the planning stages of two new sessions but hope to get them up and running at the start of May.

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